Qui voit Groix voit sa joie !

That's me ! Let me be your guide on the island

That’s me! Let me be your guide on the island

Hello! My name is Flore, I was born in Brittany in 1984.  I spent happy vacations in Groix in the family beach house from an early age. I’ve lived abroad for a few years now but I always come back to Groix whenever I can.  guess it’s one of my favorite places in the world.

In the summer I always notice there are many foreigners who come a long way to enjoy the island, however there is very few online information in English about Groix. I hope to make up for this through Discover-Groix.com!

If you have a question or if you would like to work with me, please contact me here!


Discover-Groix is a voluntary and independent endeavor to bring information to an English-speaking audience eager to get to know the Island of Groix better.

It is not attached to the city council nor the tourist information center.

This website is not an exhaustive source of information about Groix. 

All texts and pictures are property of the writer unless precised, at the bottom of each article. Please do not use the content without our permission, thank you!

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Saint-Tudy approaching Groix, « Img_0956« , by C. Larrive, some rights reserved