Baie des Curés

Blue waters at la Baie des Curés beach on the island of Groix
Blue waters at la Baie des Curés beach

Baie des Curés means « bay of the vicars », which is a little ironic given the fact that this wonderful hidden beach is nestled on the cliffs close to the Trou de l’Enfer (« Hell’s hole »)! I don’t know why it is called that ! Any idea?

Connoisseurs like the Baie des Curés beach because it is beautiful of course and probably because it’s not easily accessible and thus usually almost empty of beachgoers. The way down can be tricky. Follow the path from the Trou de l’Enfer, going west along the coast. The beach is downhill, you have to step on rocks to reach the sand.
The best time to go for a swim is high tide, but then the stretch of dry sand is small! If you want wide open spaces, maybe it’s best to aim for the Grands Sables beach! 😉

Blue water on the island of Groix, Brittany

Right by the beach, the colors of Groix in one shot

The shore is rather rocky and there are algae if you come at low tide, but the sea is so blue that you won’t resist a swim!
People also come shellfishing and fishing (snorkeling or with a fishing rod, from the bigger rocks), as the Baie des Curés beach is open on the ocean.
There are other little creeks in the area, very often hard to reach, but that’ll give you a special Robinson Crusoe feeling : just you, the sand, the cliffs and the sea.

Strip icônes

Closest village : Créhal

Access : difficult

Parking lot : no

Lifeguards : no

Good for kids : no

Sand : sand mixed with little crushed sea shells

Best tide : high and rising tide