Côte d’Héno

The Côte d'Héno beach, next to the island's harbor. Discover Groix
The Côte d'Héno beach

The côte d’Héno beach is very often the first beach visitors see when they arrive in Groix. Indeed, it is right behind the harbor, hidden by the longest quay, the one with the green lighthouse.

There are stairs leading above the harbor, right by the Hôtel de la Jetée. After the flight of stairs is steep but you are rewarded at the top. This is one of the best view of the harbor, and you can even sit down to enjoy the postcard!

But let’s come back to the beach! If you keep going after the stairs, it is right under : a little cove surrounded by rocks. The water is always exquisitely blue. No matter what the tide is, it is a good place for a swim and sun-bathing?

The beach is rather small and so is the stretch of dry sand. Some people sit on the rocks and swim in the adjacent small coves.

This beach is particularly convenient for people living in the main village and for amateur yachtsmen whose boats are in the nearby harbor.

A few years ago, stairs were conveniently built so as to ensure a smooth descent to the beach. It is now adapted for children.

Strip icônes

Closest village : Port-Tudy

Access : easy

Parking lot : no

Lifeguards : no

Kid friendly : yes

Sand : thin and white

Best tide to go for a swim : any tide

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The Côte d’Héno beach, « Ile de Groix » by B.Reynolds, some rights reserved

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