Grocery and souvenir shopping

Tomatoes at the farmer's market

Groix may be a small island, it nonetheless offers everything you need when it comes to run everyday errands. It’ll save you the trouble to come with a backpack full of supplies ! What’s more, who doesn’t like a bit of souvenir shopping when on holidays ?

You will find most of the stores in the main village, Loctudy, very often referred to as « le bourg ». Grocery stores, pharmacy, bookstore, butchery, fishmonger, hardware store, bakeries and so on…You’ll find a market a few mornings a week, under the market building by the post office. There is a bigger grocery store a little outside the Bourg.

The heart of Le Bourg

The heart of Le Bourg during the summer party « La place en fête »

Souvenirs, clothes and decoration are not left out if you want to indulge.

Of course there are many cafés, bars and restaurants in the main village, but also at the harbor and in Locmaria, among others.

If you bring your car, you can refill the tank at the gas station, by the Bourg, right by the firemen station.

There are doctors, dentists, nurses and physiotherapists all year long too.

A cinema will keep you entertained, at night and in the afternoon, should the weather be bad ! Watch for the program on the cinema’s door and on the notice boards at the harbor and in the Bourg.

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Photo credits
Tomatoes as an illustration, « Marché Forville tomatoes« , by A. Headrick, some rights reserved
The bourg during La Place en fête, P1040177_panorama, by A. Gabriel,some rights reserved