Groix in an nutshell

Here are a few things that’ll make you want to write « Groix » on top of your travel bucket list! Groix in a nutshell, here we go!

  • Nickname : the garnet island
  • Population : 2 200 all year long, 22 000 in the summertime
  • Location : 3 nautical miles off the continent – Morbihan – Brittany
  • Geographic coordinate system : 47°37′48″N 3°28′12″W

Yes, that’s what you’ve read, the population is multiplied by ten in the summer! Indeed, Groix is an ideal destination for weekend getaways or vacation : amazing landscapes and natural riches, picturesque villages and a one of a kind cultural history.

Let’s take you for a quick tour, we’ll show you why Groix should be your next destination!

A place to be for sea-lovers

Are you of those who like to spend all day long at the beach? Or would you rather just dive from a rock and resume your hike along the coast? Groix offers both options, always with crystal clear water —only a little bit chilly!

If you like fishing or shellfish picking better, you won’t be disappointed… and if you care more about just eating fish, mussels or abalones, that’s alright too, all restaurants have what you need. Fish, and especially tuna are part of the DNA of Groix. When you get in the main village (« Le Bourg »), just look up : you’ll quickly notice that the customary rooster above the church tower is replaced by a proud tuna!

Indeed, the island was renowned for its skilled fishermen : at the beginning of the 20th century, Groix was the first tuna fishing harbor in France.

Red lighthouse in Port-Tudy, Discover Groix

Red lighthouse in Port-Tudy

A quiet and preserved destination

Because it’s only accessible by boat, Groix is never crowded. Even in the summer months, there’s no way you’ll be bothered by your beach neighbor flicking sand on your towel. No trafic jam, no motor rumbling…how nice to hear the birds and the wind in the leaves! The occasional horn of the ferry will remind you several times a day how lucky you are to be on an island!

Port Saint Nicolas at sunset, island of Groix

Port Saint Nicolas at sunset, island of Groix

A heaven for flora and geology lovers

The natural reserve François Le Bail aims at the protection of the island’s unique geologic structures, the minerals, as well as the sea birds and the heath flora. You will be amazed at the variety of rocks and the incrustation of semi-precious minerals such as the red garnet, the blue glaucophane, the yellow epidote and the shiny mica to name but a few.

This exceptional concentration of minerals is partly explained by a thrust of plates during the Devonian era, millions of years ago. As a result, the landscape diversity within the island is astonishing: high and jagged cliffs, low mineral coast and seashell beaches, crystal coves with red sand or wide stretches of thin and white sand…

The reserve also protects the heath and the birds, ensuring they have a safe environment to reproduce. Watch for the various species of seagulls, kentish plovers, cormorants…among many others.

Seagull at Pen Men, island of Groix

Seagull at Pen Men

A playground for photographs

Whatever the season, the colors are amazing: in autumn, the heath is reddish and purple, and in the spring, the ferns are bright green and contrast with the yellow broom flowers. Whether it’s quiet or in fury, the sea is always playing the lead role…of course! Let’s not leave out the villages; nestled together, the houses will amaze you by their colors and their gardens.

These are just a few reasons to come and discover Groix! Browse the site for more practical information, a review of the beaches and the landmarks and many more.

Oh…and see you in Groix!

Photo credits
Red lighthouse in Port-Tudy, « img_2119 » by M. Faure, some rights reserved
Port Saint Nicolas at sunset, by the author, all rights reserved
Seagull at Pen-Men, by Y. Ithoré, all rights reserved