Les Grands Sables

The Grands Sables beach, viewed from Pointe de la Croix
The Grands Sables beach, viewed from Pointe de la Croix

Les Grands Sables beach is without a single doubt one of the island’s gem. Beyond its location, its thin white sand and its crystal clear water, the beach is known for its shape : it is one of the only convex beaches in Europe.

Just imagine: after walking on the coastal path, in a vault of foliage, only glimpsing the sea now and then, you arrive at the top of the stairs leading to the beach. This little platform (with a very conveniently placed bench!) offers a breathtaking view on the whole beach. This is where you can fully admire its shape.

The beach keeps moving towards the north-west, under the action of the wind, the tides… approximately 50 meters every year (165 ft), but still keeps its distinctive shape.

Les Grands Sables are probably the most famous beach in Groix and consequently one of the most frequented, however it is so big that you never get the impression it is crowded. Whatever the tide, it is beautiful.

Sailboat cruising past les Grands Sables beach

Sailboat cruising past les Grands Sables beach

While sunbathing, or walking along the beach, feet in the water, you’ll have a great view of the Les Courreaux sound between the island and the continent, where the ferries cross.

Strip icônes

Closest village : Kerrohet

Access : easy (but a little walk)

Parking lot : yes

Lifeguards : yes (in the summer months)

Suitable for kids : yes

Sand : thin and white, red in some places

Best tide to come for a swim : low and high, any time !

Photo credits

The beach viewed from afar, « dscn0762« , by Zilux, some rights reserved
Sailboat cruising by the beach, by the author