Les Sables Rouges

Red sand and blue water at the Sables Rouges beach in Groix
Red sand and blue water : what else ?

Les Sables Rouges beach are one of the reasons Groix is called « the garnet island ». There must have been a deposit of this red semi-precious stone, because the sand really has this amazing burgundy red color ! Sometimes, streaks of red can be spotted at les Grands Sables, but the place where it can definitely not be missed is les Sables rouges.

Between la Pointe des Chats and the VVF beaches, this little cove is nestled between a luxuriant coast and big rocks from where to jump in a crystal clear water. Very often, the beach is protected from the winds.

A few small boats are anchored a little ways from the shore all year long. In the summer, dozens of sailboats drop anchor nearby to spend the day by this idyllic coast.

Many families like les Sables rouges beach because it is rather wide and easily accessible (the way down on the concrete road may be a little steep, so no running, kids! 😉 ). Also, it is close from the camping of the same name and just a 3-minute walk away from the VVF vacation village.

So…did I make you feel like seeing this red sand for yourself ? Drop us a line if you liked this beach!

Strip icônes

Closest village : Locmaria

Access : medium

Parking lot : no, parking on the roadside

Lifeguards : no

Kid friendly : yes

Sand : thin, white and red

Best tide to go for a swim : any tide

Photo credits
Les Sables Rouges, « La plage des Sables Rouges à Groix« , by Laetitiablabla, some rights reserved