Sunny Pen Men on the island of Groix
Sunny Pen Men

In Breton, « Pen-Men » means « rocky end ». You’ll understand why when you’ll see the high jagged cliffs for the first time!

Whatever the weather, Pen-Men is breathtaking : when the sea is calm and the sky clear, the visibility is such that the continent seems really close. If you visit during rough weather, the waves and the wind may blow froth all the way up to the parking lot!

You can wander around, towards the old siren house on the left or go up to the promontory, by the WW2 blockhaus remains.

In the spring time, Pen-Men is a great place to observe the seagulls’ nidification. Don’t come too close, the best is to bring binoculars to spot the chicks !

Of course, there’s a landmark that can’t be missed in Pen-Men : the lighthouse ! It has never stopped working since 1839. It is now automated but there’s still a keeper who lives in the house nearby. If you come at night, you’ll get a good view of the lens, it’s beautiful.

If you’re interested in lighthouses, don’t miss the regular open houses throughout the year. Many associations take turn to show people around and tell them about the history of the lighthouse. This is also a great occasion to rise above the ground and get a stunning view of the surroundings from the top platform.

The lense of the Pen-Men lighthouse, up close, Discover Groix

The lens of the Pen-Men lighthouse

Last but not least, make sure to come to Pen-Men for sunset watching. It’s the best place to see the sun drop in the water, especially in the summer. The horizon is limitless…if you keep going after Pen-Men you’ll get to America!

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Sunny Pen Men, by the author, all rights reserved
The lens of the Pen-Men lighthouse, by A.Tilly, all rights reserved

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