Porh Morvil

One of the beaches at Porh Morvil on the island of Groix
One of the beaches at Porh Morvil

Porh Morvil is a succession of little coves and beaches located between Locmaria and the Pointe des Chats. Walking on the coastal path from the village of Locmaria to one of the most picturesque lighthouses of the island (or the other way around !) will take you along those pretty creeks.

They may not be a swimmer’s heaven, for the low rocks typical of this area take up much of the space, but they sure are one of the shell picking hotspots! What better environment for crustacean and shellfish than ponds and rocky hide places? Consequently, Porh Morvil also is a perfect place to go bird watching, those too like a good shellfish! Porh Morvil is part of the nature reserve François le Bail.

I love spending time on one or the other of Porh Morvil’s little beaches, they are always quiet and I never cease to be amazed at nature’s extravaganza : take time to look at the low cliffs, it feels like an on-site geology course ! The rocks are colorful and shiny, full of mica and garnet. The sand is not as thin as the Grands Sables’, but it’s full of seashells.

Porh Morvil is also known for a shipwreck : a few remains of the boat are still visible. In March 1971, this Greek cargo ship called Sanaga ran aground. Fortunately, none of the crew members were hurt and no pollution occurred. The cargo was partly dismantled twice. More than forty years after, it is part of the decor and adds to the peculiarity of Porh Morvil. If you come around when the sea is rough, you’ll understand why this part of Groix can be hazardous – but also beautiful!

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