Poskedoul beach, clear waters and thin sand

Close to Port-Mélite, Poskedoul beach is often less crowded than the latter because it is a little further away on the path, with a rather difficult access. However, you’ll soon notice that walking a few meters more and getting down on boulders is definitely worth it!

Indeed, this beach has it all: white and thin sand, high cliffs providing a bit of shade, blue waters and few algae, especially at high tide, and some rocks from which to dive.

The stretch of dry sand is not very wide, so maybe this isn’t the perfect beach for kids to play in the sand.

Sitting on your towel, you will have a great view on the Courreaux, the sound between the island and the continent: the perfect place to watch the ferries and the sailboats come and go.

Poskedoul is not the most famous beach in Groix, but it is undeniably one of the prettiest. Check out for yourself!

Strip icônes

Closest village : Port-Mélite

Access : difficult

Parking lot : yes (by Port-Mélite)

Lifeguards : no

Kid friendly : no

Sand : thin and white

Best tide to go for a swim : any tide