Poulziorec a.k.a Tahiti Beach

The cove of Poulziorec, also known as Tahiti Beach, Discover Groix
The cove of Poulziorec, also known as Tahiti Beach

This little cove is commonly known as « Tahiti Beach » on the island because of the amazing turquoise color if its waters. It is especially striking since it is accessed by a coastal path which towers it, giving the walkers a great panorama. If it doesn’t make them go down to the beach, it’ll at least have them stop for a while to take a good look at this gem!

It is also a spot for scuba divers, you’ll probably see a boat or two anchored outside the creek.

Poulziorec is pretty wild: the way down is rocky and precarious. I advise you not to take children there, because they could get hurt on the rocks and also because the stretch of sand is small, especially the dry part. Unless they spend their time in the water, the playing in the sand part could prove to be disappointing.

It gets quickly crowded in the summertime, so the best is to come at low tide. Otherwise be prepared to sit on the rocks!

Strip icônes

Closest village : Quelhuit

Access : difficult

Parking lot : no

Lifeguards : no

Kid friendly : no

Sand : thin and white

Best tide to go for a swim : low tide

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