Blue waters at la Baie des Curés beach on the island of Groix

Baie des Curés

Baie des Curés means « bay of the vicars », which is a little ironic given the fact that this wonderful hidden beach is nestled on…

One of the coves around the VVF on the island of Groix

The VVF beaches

The coast between les Grands Sables and the Sables rouges beach counts many crystal coves that I like to call the VVF beaches. VVF…

Porh Roëd beach in July on the island of Groix

Porh Roëd

I love Porh Roëd beach: nestled between the villages of Kermarec and Locmaria, it is only accessible by a small path. Its size is…


One of the beaches at Porh Morvil on the island of Groix

Porh Morvil

Porh Morvil is a succession of little coves and beaches located between Locmaria and the Pointe des Chats. Walking on the coastal path from…

Sunset colors at Beg Melen on the island of Groix

Beg Melen

Located between Pen-Men and the Pointe du Grognon, Beg Melen is a great goal if you like walking on coastal paths. West of the…