View on the harbor from the jetty, on the island of Groix
View on the harbor from the jetty

You can’t miss Port-Tudy! Of course if you come with the ferryboat it’ll be your first impression of Groix. Not bad, right? Passing by the two lighthouses is like passing the finishing line: over with the cruise, you now are about to set foot on an island! Incredible, don’t you think?

Depending on the season, there may be quite a few sailing boats moored in the first part of the harbor: if you take a closer look, you will see they are moored around round buoys in a « daisy » style. In ensures they are solidly tied to one another, without taking up too much space.

The harbor has two other basins behind the dyke where the ferries stop to let their passengers get out. They are served by pontoons. One of the basin is only accessible at high tide, the yachtsmen must plan ahead when they’ll take to sea.

Even though Groix was once the first harbor for tuna fishing, there are now less than 10 fishermen. However, there are many other business working with sea products. You’ll find them at the « Pôle Mer », by the red lighthouse’s dyke or in little stores by the closed basin.

The harbor also is one of the main places to rent bikes, a privileged means of transportation on the island. Of course, it is also a spot to have a drink and eat something.

While you’re here, take time to go to the lighthouses, any of them : the way on the dyke is pleasant and offers a nice view on the harbor and on the Courreaux, the sound between the island and the continent. You might also see fishermen with their fishing rods : most of them fish in the open sea, indeed even though there are many fish in the harbor – mullets, you’ll spot them easily, they are not the most delicate of fish to eat and what’s more they may not feed on the best products ;-).

Reflections in the pontoon basin of Port Tudy, Groix's main harbor

Reflections in the pontoon basin

At the beginning of the green jetty is the old lifeboat shed. It is now rehabilitated into a room which can be rented for special events. The lifeboat in service, « Notre Dame du Calme »is moored by the red lighthouse.

When the ferries come in in the summer, watching the people and the cars get out can be really entertaining. Sometimes there’s even an amateur brassband practicing on the quay!

A tip to enjoy the view on the harbor : walk up the stairs by the blue « Hôtel de la Jetée » and sit on the benches, not far from the pretty little beach at Côte d’Héno. There you go, it’s like a postcard!

Photo credits
Port-Tudy, view from the jetty, by A. Tilly, all rights reserved
Reflections in the pontoon basin, « 20060814-groix19« , by Guillaume, some rights reserved

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