Port Saint-Nicolas

Port Saint Nicolas at sunset, island of Groix
Port Saint Nicolas at sunset

Port Saint Nicolas is a natural harbor : located in the south-west of the island, it is a great spot for the sailboats to anchor when the winds are in favor. The cliffs around are high, covered in heath, as if the boats were sailing through a forest.

The littlest rowboats are moored by a big rock called « Rocher de la Vache » (« cow’s rock ») and are accessed from the beach. This is not the best place to go for a swim, I advise you to go on the other side of the harbor: the sand there is nicer and there are less rocks, especially at high tide.

Boats anchored in the natural harbor of Port St Nicolas on the island of Groix

A safe haven for boats when the winds are in favor

You may arrive from the bottom of Port Saint Nicolas (coming from Quéhello) or at the top (coming from Kerloret or Kerlard). I have a preference for the latter, especially at sunset: imagine walking on the coastal path, through the heather and the broom and arriving above this nature haven, where nature and sea meet. Just sit down, open your eyes and enjoy the scenery!

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