Quelhuit chapel

The little chapel Saint Léonard at Quelhuit, island of Groix
The little chapel Saint Léonard at Quelhuit

The Quelhuit chapel is on the heights of the village of the same name, overlooking the sea. Built in 1841, its full name is chapel Saint Léonard. It has been renovated several times ever since, including recently, during the 2015 summer when stained glasses and a back door were installed.

If it is open while you’re there, do take a look inside. The simple wooden ceilings give this simple humble touch and above all, the hand-made dundee models are tokens of the island’s deep tradition of tuna fishing. These boats are used during processions.

A procession on an August evening, Quelhuit Chapel, Discover Groix

A procession on an August evening

The view from the threshold is breathtaking : look at the coastal path winding through the fields. The green of the vegetation stands out against the sea. If the weather is clear, you’ll get a perfect view of the continent and of the sound separating if from Groix, « Les Courreaux ».

If you follow the path to the west, you’ll walk towards Beg Melen. If you go down towards the east, your steps will take you to the nearby cove of Poulziorec first and then Port Melin.

While you’re around, take a look at the village of Quelhuit, its open air washing place and its pretty colorful houses.

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The Quelhuit chapel, « Ile de Groix, église, Bretagne« , by J.Menj, some rights reserved